A Message for our Donors

Spring is here and under normal circumstances we would be launching our Easter Food Drive to replenish the shelves of the Barrie Food Bank. However, as we are all aware this is not a normal spring, today we are faced with a global pandemic of COVID-19 and we are being asked to protect ourselves, practice social distancing and isolate ourselves to help lower the transmission of this terrible virus.

In the coming months the Barrie Food Bank will see increased demand on our services as people are laid off, have less hours of employment or we could potentially see businesses close. We want to be prepared to help these neighbours in our community, but we need your help.

We are not asking for food donations at this time, as we do not want you putting yourself at further risk shopping picking up groceries for the food bank. We would like to encourage you to visit our website www.barriefoodbank.org to make an online donation or if you would prefer to write a cheque please mail your donation to Barrie Food Bank P.O. Box 145, Barrie, ON L4M 4S5 rather than delivering it. Please remember all funds raised locally are spent locally with some of our local grocery stores who support us and allow us to stretch our dollars with them.

Thank you for your support, please stay safe and healthy.

Peter Sundborg
Executive Director