B & B Bracelets. Brothers Brody and Bailey have started a new business selling homemade bracelets. They have sold 140 individually named bracelets and donated 75% of their proceeds to the Barrie Food Bank.  This business started with a lesson in being thankful for what you have been blessed, and it is important to give to those less fortunate.  Brody was gifted a bracelet-making set for Christmas.  He started making them, and began giving away to family members.  He then decided to sell them and make some money. Brodys’ younger brother Bailey, jumped in and joined the business. Brody’s parents suggested he find a good way to do some good with this new venture. He decided he would raise money for those in need of food, which led them to the food bank.  The brothers donated $340.00 to date. Bravo Brody and Bailey, your hard work and efforts have helped many individuals and families in our community!

Thank you,

The Barrie Food Bank