Hours of Operation

We are open for Food Support at the following times:

Monday 1pm to 3:30pm
Wednesday 1pm to 3:30pm
Thursday 4pm to 7pm
Friday 1pm to 3:30pm

Get Support

We are here for you!

Barrie Food Bank offers two food support services:

  • An Emergency Bag with a couple of days of food
  • A pre-packaged grocery hamper in 2 sizes:
    • Regular: for Singles and Families
    • Large Family: for families of 5 or more

How it Works

We are open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1 pm to 3:30 pm for food distribution. Hint: Come after 2 pm – it will be less busy!

The food bank is run by a small group of dedicated staff and over  50 volunteers who give of their time and knowledge to pick up food, sort it, stock the shelves and support our clients by distributing the food. We recognize that if you are accessing the food bank, you are likely facing some challenges in your life. This is why our staff and volunteers are encouraged to create a warm welcoming environment for those of you accessing the food bank, while also creating an environment of mutual respect and caring for all.

What you need to bring with you

  • To receive groceries, families and individuals are required to provide:
    • Proof of current address (Driver’s licence, utility bill, rent receipt)
    • Photo Identification for adults in the household (Driver’s licence, health card, student ID)
    • Identification for all children in the household (health cards or birth certificates)

This information is asked for each time you visit for food assistance in the afternoon. All data provided to us is private and confidential.

Addressing Specific Needs

We will also ask a few questions about your specific needs…

  • Do you have a specific dietary need? Gluten-free? Halal?
  • Do you need diapers?
  • Do you have school-age kids?
  • Do you need feminine hygiene products or Depends?
  • Do you have pets?

Food Assistance

The food bank will attempt to provide you with 2 to 3 weeks of groceries based on availability and the number of people in your family. A hamper usually contains canned vegetables, soups/stews, cereal, pasta, peanut butter, crackers, jam, and canned meat, frozen meat, milk, eggs, dairy, fresh vegetables,  bread/ baked goods. Items vary depending on donations and stock levels.    

Getting your Groceries Home

You can expect to take 7 to 10 bags of groceries home depending on family size. Our friendly volunteers will help get the groceries into your vehicle so you can get on your way!

 Need Transportation to get here?

We strongly encourage you to arrange a ride, share a ride with a friend, or take a taxi. If you can not make arrangements to get here, please call us before 11 am on the day you plan to visit, and we may be able to assist you depending on the circumstances. Our priority is clients who are very ill, disabled, or under quarantine.  We have a limited number of volunteers who can do deliveries for special circumstances.

Transportation options if you don’t have your own vehicle:

  • Get a friend to give you a ride here and home
  • Take a bus here and take a taxi home
  • Walk here and take a taxi home
  • Share a ride with 1 or 2 other Food Bank use
  • Walk here and bring a wagon or cart to take your groceries home

We can call a taxi for you if needed. Just ask the volunteer at the side door.

You will be able to access the food assistance program up every 30 days.