Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to the food bank in order to get groceries for my family?

When you visit the food bank for food assistance in the afternoon you will be asked for information about your income, your address and your expenditures. It is important to bring the following with you;

  • Identification for all family members
  • Proof of current address

This information is asked for each time you visit for food assistance in the afternoon.

How often am I able to come to the food bank?

You are able to access the afternoon food assistance program 12 times per year. We do ask that you leave 30 days between your visits. You may access the morning drop in program for breads and some extras as many times as you would like.

Will I get my food the same day?

Yes, we have volunteers who will put your order together for you to take home that afternoon.

How is the food bank funded?

The food bank is funded through private and corporate donations. We  are a registered charity and we provide tax receipts for all financial donations. You can make a financial donation through our website.

What are your most needed items?

Please visit our Most Needed Items page to see our list.

Do you accept perishable foods?

Yes, we do accept perishable food. We have a large walk-in refrigerator and freezer and can now accept perishable foods such as frozen chicken, turkeys, ground beef as well as fresh vegetables and fruit. These items must be dropped off at the food bank in person.