Want to run a food drive, but how?

Here are some simple steps to running a successful food drive;

  • First decide where to collect the food items
  • Set a goal for the amount of food you would like to raise in pounds, donors like to know your target goals (approximately 200lbs non-perishable food items fill a grocery cart) 
  • Set a start and finish date, i.e. October 10 through to October 20, – this is key to a successful food drive.
  • What to collect? See the list below of  ‘MOST NEEDED ITEMS’ 
  • Contact us at: 705 725 1818 x 6, or email: volunteer@barriefoodbank.org .We can provide you a drive ‘Kit’ customized to your food drive; consisting of posters, social media post templates, food collection containers, drop off and pick up information.
  • We also encourage financial drives, Fundraisers. Monetary contributions allow the food bank to purchase the food needed to keep our shelves stocked. Email: volunteer@barriefoodbank.org, for a fundraiser ‘Kit’, advertisements provided will have a QR code that links donors directly to our website: https://www.barriefoodbank.org/donating/
  • A tour of the Barrie Food Bank will be made available to drive organizers (large group tours, can be arranged)
  • Lastly, Thank you for your dedication and commitment helping to ensure we are a Community Where No One is Hungry!  

Most Needed Items:

  • Canned meat  ( tuna, ham, turkey, chicken)
  • Baby Formula
  • Large Size Diapers (Size 5-6)
  • Children’s Lunch snacks
  • Ensure/Boost
  • Cereal
  • Feminine Products
  • Beef Jerky
  • Toiletries
  • Bottled Water