Sometimes homeowners can see their fruit trees as a nuisance. Fallen fruit litters the lawn and attracts animals and insects. BUT, what if the fruit could be seen as a valuable source of food for those who need it. The fruit will be harvested from trees on private property by volunteers pickers and shared in three ways:to the tree owner, the volunteer picker and to local social service agencies including the Barrie Food Bank.

In 2011, over 11 000 people in the Simcoe Muskoka reported that they lived with food insecurity. This means that over 70% of their income is on food and rent alone. This is compared to 29% in middle income families. This also means that they can not afford a basic healthy diet. The number of people using the food bank increases steadily. There was a 30% increase in 2012 alone.

An urban fruit sharing program has many benefits. It can increase the amount of fruit that people eat. Fruit picking is a wonderful, healthy, active lifestyle. There is a reduced environmental impact with less reliance on large distant food transport. Trees are good for the environment and tree owners become more knowledgeable about tree care.

How You Can Help

Become a volunteer picker or use your administrative or IT experience.

Register your tree so that picks can be coordinated.

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