We are a young company in Barrie that would like to get involved in helping you raise funds. We studied how other tshirt companies help their local food bank and have found that one of the most effective ways is to do what we do best; sell t-shirts. We would like your permission to launch a t-shirt fundraiser to raise funds for you. We are prepared to follow your every instruction as to what will go on the shirts. We are planning on selling these shirts through our web site and at the different events we will be attending through out the year. We will be contacting all local media to help raise awareness for these tees. The plan is to create a special shirt for this fund raiser and to sell these tees for $15 each and donate $5 per tee to you. I believe this would be a great fundraiser. Let me know if we can move forward with this idea and we can meet to discuss the details.

You can visit our site at www.tshirt-dudes.com

Have a great day,