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Our Mission, Vision & Principles

Our Mission

The Barrie Food Bank provides food relief to individuals and families in our community who are in need, and supports them on their journey towards well-being.

Our Vision

A community where no one is hungry.

Our Principles

We recognize that those who come to us for food assistance may also have other needs including physical, emotional, social, and spiritual.

We encourage individuals and families to be hopeful, assisting with steps that they may take to meet their expressed needs.

We comfort, encourage, and challenge individuals and families to do all they can to help themselves.

We collaborate with community organizations to provide relevant resources to our clients.

We show compassion and respect for the dignity of those who come to us for assistance.

Hand Holding | Barrie Food Bank
Hand Holding | Barrie Food Bank

What We Do

Our primary service is the provision of food to families and individuals to prevent them from going hungry. In addition to providing food for those in need, a key part of our program delivery is to encourage self sufficiency, as well as personal and family well being. A Resource Centre of brochures and literature is available for our clients to use referring them to other more knowledgeable services and agencies. Community member seeking assistance must come in person to our Food Service Hours: Monday,  Friday 1:00-3:30pm, Wednesday 10:00am-7:00pm Thursday 1:00-7:00pm

  • Identification for all household members (including children under 18 years)
  • Proof of current address

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to the food bank in order to get groceries for my family?

When you visit the food bank for food assistance in the afternoon you will be asked for information about your income, your address and your expenditures. It is important to bring the following with you;

  • Identification for all family members
  • Proof of current address

This information is asked for each time you visit for food assistance in the afternoon.

How often am I able to come to the food bank?

You are able to access the afternoon food assistance program 12 times per year. We do ask that you leave 30 days between your visits. You may access the morning drop in program for breads and some extras as many times as you would like.

Will I get my food the same day?

Yes, we have volunteers who will put your order together for you to take home that afternoon.

How is the food bank funded?

The food bank is funded through private and corporate donations. We are a registered charity and we provide tax receipts for all financial donations. You can make a financial donation through our website.

What are your most needed items?

Please visit our Most Needed Items page to see our list.

Do you accept perishable foods?

Yes, we do accept perishable food. We have a large walk-in refrigerator and freezer and can now accept perishable foods such as frozen chicken, turkeys, ground beef as well as fresh vegetables and fruit. These items must be dropped off at the food bank in person.

Our Staff

Sharon Palmer

Executive Director

Sharon joined the Barrie Food Bank in 2021 as Executive Director responsible for the overall management and leadership of the organization. She is passionate about providing food support to those in need in our community. Her goal at the food bank is to build a strong team of staff, volunteers, and donors to provide food support so that no one in our community goes hungry.
705 725 1818 ext 4

Roberta Lowe

Front Desk Receptionist

Roberta joined the food bank team in February 2020. Robert is the first response to our community members. She is responsible deliveries and agency relations and Team Lead for client Intake.. Roberta has a passion for serving people and thoroughly enjoys being part of this team.
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Marie Ali

Administrative Assistant

Marie has been a member of the food bank team since April 2004, as our Administrative Assistant, Marie diligently handles the administrative details of coordinating the food drive mailings, handling financial donations, generating tax receipts, correspondence and bookkeeping. Marie is always willing to serve our volunteers, donors and the people who use our services.
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John Del Monaco

Fulfillment Specialists

John joined the Food Bank as a volunteer in 2020 and became the “Food Collection Representative” in 2022.  He is responsible for the morning food pickups from grocery stores, churches, schools and businesses.  He has a deep passion for serving and helping those who are poor, oppressed and those who have found themselves on the fringes of society, both here in our community and around the world. Outside of work, he enjoys exercising, attending, and serving at a local church and spending lots of time with both family and friends.

Michelle Runge

Community Relations Manager

Michelle joined our team in January 2022. She is responsible for volunteer recruitment and onboarding, client intake and experience, community relations and events,. Michelle has a long history working in non-profits, customer service and tackling community barriers. She has a passion working directly with community members, and enjoys an inclusive and wholehearted collaboration.

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James Ward

Operations Manager

James joined our team as Operations Manager in the fall of 2021. He is responsible for the overall operations of the warehouse, food purchasing, and food recovery from grocery stores, wholesalers, and farms. He is also responsible for the managing volunteer support in food collection, sorting and stocking. He has extensive experience in the food service sector. Born and raised in Barrie, James shares his love of people through food. Food is Love!

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Paul Monahan

Warehouse Coordinator

Paul a veteran of our Canadian Armed Forces, joined our team in Fall of 2019. He is responsible for the organization of all food incoming including perishable and non-perishable. He oversees sorting, bagging and inventory. Paul manages all volunteer roles within the warehouse, delegating tasks in response to the need or demands each day. Paul, a true leader, who sets an example and creates an environment enjoyable for all working along side him.